Opinion and Order

October 24, 2012


Court Opinion

Court Opinion

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Court Opinion and Motion for Preliminary Injunction

So what does it all mean? Well, it looks as if the case is all but won. How does the defense paid for by the Nation produce a non-existent Removal Ordinance or dispute their own testimony that it was not a premeditated conspiracy by four individuals to remove the President from office and intentionally violate the Constitution they swore to uphold? The Defendants are proven lawbreakers!

The Lawbreakers immediately(Oct. 5) attempt another Removal on fabrications just as they did the first time.
Revised the Tax Code and order the Tax Commission to retroactively recall a 3-year-old approved license plate as inappropriate.
Desperate lawbreakers doing desperate things! The same thing they’ve done for a long while at the Nations expense. Tens upon tens of thousands of the Delaware Citizens dollars continuously being wasted to defend Lawbreakers and to COVER-UP their own illegal activity. Does this ever stop? Not so long as the nations citizens condone the lawbreakers and remain silent, the Delaware Nation will continue to be driven off the CLIFF…. 
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3 Comments on “Opinion and Order”

  1. angelcouch Says:

    Not truly understanding all of this. Please break it down in plain talk. Angel

    Angel Lonewolf Covey-Couch


    • disapointed Says:

      From what I read the four defendants removed President Holton to cover up their wrong doings and then did it illegally. Having first hand experience with Clifford Peacock I know that this doesn’t surprise me. He has stolen countless monies from the tribe and shut down or sabotaged business that he couldn’t control to steal money from. President Holton is just one of many that were removed from office so he could hide from his wrong doings. Now I see they are hiring all family in positions that they can control. There is no separation for checks and balances. Its so sad to see such a great nation being destroyed by these group of men that have no morals. Even worse to see all the Delaware Nation Citizens just set back and say I don’t want to get involved because this always happens or I’m too far away to have an impact.


  2. Katie Hines Says:

    I think that if you’re going to apprise tribal members of what is going on, you’re going to have to work hard to refrain from a bunch of legalese that renders the situation incomprehensible to members who have no legal background or understanding of legal affairs.

    That is often the challenge for one who is embroiled in a situation in which considerable paperwork has been generated, and the attempt is made to education members of the particulars of the case involved.

    So, it is my humble opinion as an editor that, before you attempt to “inform” the tribal members as a whole, of the current and ongoing situation involving yourself and the executive council, you need to (1) write an exhaustive paper detailing the matter. Then (2) work hard on paring it down to a couple pages at the most, and (3) couch it in the common man’s terminology.

    Otherwise, you run the risk of folks rolling their eyes by the end of the first paragraph, and a lack of understanding of the situation by tribal members. I would be glad to assist you in doing some editing along these lines if you wish.


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